Thursday, 19 September 2013

Personalized Hurricane Glasses for Your Barware Needs

Every restaurant, bar or lounge has to have the right glassware to serve their customers their specialty cocktail drinks. Hurricane glasses, also known as tulip glasses because of their shapes, are a must have for any busy eatery or bar. Not only can you use them for serving the classic hurricane rum cocktail but other drinks as well such as piƱa coladas, daiquiris and other popular mixers. Their unique design makes them popular amongst many crowds. Getting them customized can really make you stand out from other businesses. Get personalized hurricane glasses with your logos printed or engraved on them. On some designs you can even add colors to their stems.

Custom hurricane glasses have become a major trend at different types of events. Weddings, bridal showers, anniversaries, bachelorette parties and holiday parties are amongst many celebrations that love to add customized glassware as part of their drinkware, decoration or favors. These specialty glasses can be used to serve your guests their beverages and you can use them as part of the centerpieces for your tables. Your options are limitless. Another great idea is to have them laser engraved or imprinted with names, dates, clipart images, messages or quotes and use them as your party or wedding favors. They make excellent keepsake items.

Personalized hurricane glasses can make excellent personal and holiday gifts for family and friends. You can buy a set and give them out as birthday, wedding or housewarming gifts. You can customize the glasses for them, or just leave them clear. Everyone loves having new glassware for their home. You can also just buy them for yourself. Maybe you want to get them etched with your initials or names. Next time you're having a dinner party or a get together, you can show off your new drinking glasses to all of your guests.

Whatever your needs may be, customized hurricane glasses can come in handy. Plus, some companies take advantage when they buy them at wholesale to use them as promotional products to give to their customers and clients. They can serve as a significant advertising and marketing tool for your business. You can personalize them with the name of your company, your logo or a slogan and hand them out at your next promotional event. You can even sell them with your own brand name if you own a store. You can find just about any use for these specialty glassware items.

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