Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Caffeine Free Chinese Herbal Tea

Chinese Herbal Tea is a healthy and refreshing drink. The tea can have one or more ingredients to enhance the taste or aroma. The additions can include dried flowers, dried fruits, leaves, roots, and even seeds. The caffeine free Chinese teas are great refreshments one can even take at night, as they do not cause sleep disorder due to the consumption of caffeine.

There are many popular and famous brands and varieties of Chinese herbal leaves. The medicinal benefits are many, and come to you through a soothing sweet and wonderfully flavored medium. Some of the most popular Chinese herbal leaves include:

Chrysanthemum Herbal leaves

This is a top grade of the cooling tea infusion. It has a subtle sweetness and is highly refreshing.

Gongju Herbal leaves

This tea has a smooth taste. It is extracted from a flower and has a soothing and relaxing property.

Carnation Flower Tea

The flower of this tea is red in color, and is said to restore body energy, though it is entirely caffeine free.

Forget Me Not Flower leaves

This tea is also caffeine free claimed to open up the airflow into the lungs, enabling easier breathing.

Jasmine Bud Flower leaves

This is an excellent Chinese herbal tea. It tastes sweet. It has many health benefits. Usually most teas contain caffeine that is harmful to health if you take a lot. As they are caffeine free, you can enjoy a lot of drink a day to stay healthy.

Yunnan Flower Bud leaves

This tea comes from a rare flower, growing in the Yunnan Province of China. It is a favorite in the region, and is a good caffeine free alternative to other teas.

Wild Ginseng leaves

This tea grows in wild conditions, making every root have a unique and rugged appearance. Some roots may seem small, but are very old, making them even more valuable. The roots can live for more than seven years, and the older they are, the better they taste.

Kuding Pearl leaves

This leaf is not for the light-hearted, as it has a bitter taste, which many find appealing, while others might detest. The leaves are rolled into large pearls, which some call one leaf, as each pearl consists of one leaf.

All these Chinese teas have different tastes, medicinal properties and texture, and it is up to the user to find the choice that appeals to them the most. We all know they are good for health. However, taking too much caffeine can harm your health. Considering this type of tea would be wise, as they are Caffeine free.

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