Thursday, 19 September 2013

Learn How Oxygen Absorber Packets Can Increase Profitability

Oxygen is important because it sustains life. It can often prove detrimental for the very reason. The presence of oxygen in food and beverages can expedite the growth of mold, bacteria, yeast, fungi, and pathogens. This renders the food unsafe for human consumption, thus causing millions of dollars in losses to manufacturers. One of the simplest ways to counter this problem is by using oxygen absorber packets.

Oxygen is the key to survival for several aerobic creatures, and eliminating oxygen would automatically mean eliminating these creatures. The oxygen absorbing agents are placed at specific points to aid this very process. The effects of aerobic creatures on food can be seen in the form of a change in the smell, taste or texture of edibles. In non-edible items too, the effects are clearly visible. For instance, metal parts will develop rust.

What is an oxygen absorber?

Oxygen absorbers are essentially agents that purge oxygen from the head space. These absorbers play an integral part in protecting food and pharmaceutical products that tend to deteriorate with the presence of oxygen, or are sensitive to oxygen.

It finds applications in several different products such as electronics and computers, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food packaging, metal parts that can corrode with the presence of oxygen, leather goods, powdered or beaded glass, powdered chemicals that are sensitive to oxygen, and so on.

Food items such as noodle packets, coffee packets, meat (both fresh and dry), spices, grains, can benefit from the use of oxygen absorber packets. The packets can be manufactured in a variety of grades and mesh sizes. Vitamins such as A, E, and C are oxidized easily making it imperative to take measures against this phenomenon.

By using high-quality oxygen absorbers, it is possible to bring down the oxygen levels to as low as 0.1% for the desired time period. With this, it becomes easier to prevent deterioration of products and components during transportation and storage. The shelf life of these very products can thus be increased. All of these factors give a manufacturer a competitive edge in the market by protecting products during the transportation and storage stage.

Usage of Oxygen Absorbers Oxygen absorbing agents are available in several different forms. They could be purchased as separate packets or as strips. Once placed inside a packaged environment, the oxygen packets instantly set to work and begin to eliminate oxygen. A high-quality blend of oxygen packets will purge oxygen in the range of 15cc to 1000cc.

These oxygen packets are safe for use with food items because they are non-toxic. They do not cause any harmful effects on the food items, nor do they interfere with the natural flavors and colors of the foodstuff. In fact, these packets help retain the natural flavors of even the most delicate food items such as cheeses and other dairy products.

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