Thursday, 19 September 2013

How to Find or Make Yourself a Good Chef

It takes more for a person to make a good chef than training and passion. The perfect qualities for a great chef include several personality traits. They have the ability of handling criticism from customers. It is important to know that not everyone will like what he gets to prepare. An experienced chef understands that he should not take unfavorable reviews personally. If you are looking for a good chef, the following traits must be part and parcel of his CV.

· Stamina

A great chef has stamina - with the ability to work for long period of times under high pressure. It must be understood that cooking in professional settings is normally different from doing your cooking at home. Therefore, a chef needs to have the necessary stamina to work odd hours featuring long stretches. He will need to learn how to cope with tedium. Many find themselves making same cuts time and time again as they seek to prepare dishes for large crowds. During a long shift, he is likely to experience aches on the feet and back. He is also likely to burn himself, cut himself and get sweaty and greasy. However, great ones will be in a position to push through physical discomfort on a daily basis.

· Flexible

A good one should be flexible. Times will be experienced when staff members are in short supply. Therefore, every good chef should have mastered a wide array of fundamental preparation and cooking to ensure all the food preparation stations have been covered. Therefore, he should be in a position to mix drinks or operate the dishwasher. The best chefs understand that no job is lowly or too mundane. As long as the task has to be performed in the kitchen the chef is working, it is important to know how different tasks are performed and be willing to undertake the task.

· Creative

A great chef needs to be creative. They consider what they have learned in culinary school. They then apply these training to prepare delicious meals. Creativity is grounded by proper excellent cooking skills. Furthermore, creativity enables the chef to handle difficult situations; therefore, a shortage of important ingredients can be handled as a challenge as opposed to a tragedy.

· Customer focus

Good chefs understand without customers, they are likely to lose their jobs. They appreciate the fact that customers are constantly looking for delicious fresh foods that are presented attractively; he/she should ensure this happens for all customers who get to visit the restaurant. A professional chef should also be in a position to handle complaints gracefully. They should be in a position to draw lessons from even unreasonable customer grievances.

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