Thursday, 19 September 2013

Digestion 101: The Key To Unlocking Health

In the normal progression of life, a human baby would be fed mother's milk, thus filling the intestines with mother's probiotics. The next step for the baby would be crawling and playing in the dirt and putting his/her hands in the mouth. In a natural environment free of pollution, this allows for friendly soil-based organisms to congregate in the intestines. Admittedly, it sounds uncivilized; however with both probiotics and friendly soil-based organisms in place, and with the eating of raw fruits and vegetables as the child grows, the stage is set for perfect food digestion and optimal health.

A Healthy Digestive System - What Helps?

Picture your intestines like a bed of rich soil. In order to sustain life, soil needs to contain a healthy amount of friendly organisms to help breakdown the dead plants, fallen trees, forest life etc. to produce food (nutrients) for the plants that are growing in that soil.

Likewise, in order to have a healthy digestive system and sustain excellent health, our intestinal area needs to have a healthy amount of enzymes, friendly bacteria (probiotics) and soil organisms.


Digestive enzymes help ensure the food we eat is broken down and sorted.


Probiotics are extremely effective at combating parasites, fungus, mould and yeast in the body.

Soil Organisms

Soil organisms help repair and restore the small intestines, which are responsible for absorbing nutrients. They are found on fruits, vegetables and herbs when they are picked fresh and eaten unwashed - the way we have always eaten from the beginning of time.

Unfortunately, most of today's modern produce is covered by unhealthy man-made substances, which necessitates thorough soaking before eating.

When our intestines are clear and working optimally- they are rich with life. As your intestines build up and match that kind of richness - your digestion will astound you. A probiotic bacteria supplement can greatly help in this regard.

What Doesn't Help?

If we were fed formula instead of mother's milk, if we grew up in the cities without connection with natural food and the soil, if we took antibiotics (antibiotics are like pesticides as they kill both the friendly and unfriendly bacteria in our tummies), if we ate foods high in sugar (contributes to fungus/candida), excessive alcohol, carbonated beverages, chemical food additives and drugs, then we can be assured that we will greatly benefit from taking a probiotic bacteria supplement.

Why Should You Cleanse First?

No matter what's going on right now, the road to glowing health begins with cleansing and detoxification. Picture for a moment your kitchen sink and its drain pipes. Your sink is designed to carry away mostly water and some small natural food scraps through the pipes. When we pour the wrong stuff down the sink (e.g. junk food) for long enough, over time it accumulates and we end up with blockages causing poisonous toxins to be stored and reabsorbed into our blood, when normally they would have passed through, naturally.

Cleansing clears away all the physical blockages, leaving us feeling and looking great.

Sometimes, simply not eating for a day or two (e.g. Juice fasting) can restore the balance as the body is always striving to restore balance when given the proper support.

However sometimes, an intense cleanse is needed such as the Master Cleanse, which has provided many people with remarkable results.

Digestion 101 Recap:

A healthy digestion system is the foundation of good health and requires:

1. A Cleanse or Detox.

2. Enzymes: e.g. from eating raw fruits and vegetables.

3. Probiotics: e.g. from a Natural Probiotic Supplement.

4. Soil Organisms: e.g. from eating Organic Fruits and Veggies.

It's not always easy, but the numerous sustainable health benefits far outweigh the challenges.

When one completes a digestive health makeover, energy and vitality flow though the body. You will feel a change in your thoughts, emotions, judgements and motivation. Your appearance is transformed, one's focus and concentration are naturally drawn to higher things and you discover just how healthy and happy we can be.

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